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Brother Vellies UNIK SPACE

UNIK SPACE is extremely proud to be working with Brother Vellies. A New York label creating fun wearable and sustainable footwear handmade in Africa using environmentally considered materials.  The leather Brother Vellies use is sourced from local farmers and is a by-product of the food industry.  Utilising every piece, believing that the “natural marks and scars on animals are their own fingerprints”, therefore positioning the marked leather carefully on the inside of their shoes (Brother Vellies). Because of this, no two pairs will ever be the same.

Brother Vellies Burkina slide UNIK SPACE

Your perfect go to summer slide, the Burkina slide has a bow that can be retied and styled as you like with each pair having its own personality, you can tie the fabric in a bow or a knot personalising them to make them your own. The fabric of the bow is organic cotton which is naturally dyed using flowers and plants and is handwoven in Burkina Faso by marginalised women in their local patterns.  The slide is then lined with a lightweight, vegetable-tanned leather in Ethiopia.  Making the Burkina slide super comfortable and easy to wear as the leather moulds to your foot.

Brother Vellies use the best methods and materials possible in order to make what they term “forever shoes”. Believing that “good quality leather shoes are an investment that should be thought of and worn as a long-term purchase” (Brother Vellies).  An investment not only for the wearer, but also the local artisan communities in Africa and of course our environment. Encompassing everything we love at UNIK SPACE.

Brother Vellies Burkina slide UNIK SPACEImage by Brother Vellies

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