Therapeutic Pack

$110.00 AUD

The Aotea Therapeutic Pack Contains:

1 x Harakeke Seed Oil Night Cream

Harakeke Seed Oil Night Cream is an extremely rich nourishing night cream. Harakeke seeds or flaxseeds are native to New Zealand and are rich in omega’s 3, 6 and 9. Omegas are extremely nourishing and restorative to the skin with omega 3 being pivotal in cell rejuvenation and restoration. The natural fats, fatty amino acids such as Linoleic Acid, phytosterol, antioxidant content and Kawakawa infused oils add to the healing qualities that are restorative to the skin. All the ingredients in the Harakeke Seed Night Cream are 100% natural to the point of being edible.  Aotea’s theory is, why would you put something on your body that you would never dream of eating when its all going to be absorbed into the bloodstream just the same as it soaks into the skin while you sleep, making it deeply nourishing.

1 x Mānuka Honey Day Cream

Manuka Honey Day Cream is a light nourishing face moisturiser that leaves your skin hydrated all day. The manuka tree is native to New Zealand and is related to Australia’s Tea Tree plant sharing its antifungal, antibacterial properties. Manuka Day Cream contains 800+MGO Manuka Honey, which is the highest level of antimicrobial activity of Manuka Honey. The honey helps form a barrier against the skin that holds moisture in and reduces  inflammation.  Along with the use of oils infused with the anti-inflammatory Kawakawa and super active Mānuka, as well as the other restorative ingredients such as Vitamin E Oil, Shea Butter and Provitamin B5. Manuka Day Cream leaves your face feeling fresh, clean and blemish free.

1 x Kawakawa Balm

Native to New Zealand, the Kawakawa plant contains anti-inflammatory properties that when applied to the skin, its bioactives seep into the damaged area and offer relief from bites, eczema, skin rashes such as nappy rash, chapped lips and dry skin in general. Kawakawa balm is a native skincare remedy that promotes healing and maintains healthy skin. A multi purpose soothing balm that deserves a place in your handbag!

    Customer Reviews

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    The Honey Day cream is fantastic. You only need a small amount and it doesn’t leave your face oily.
    The night cream is amazing. I love how buttery it feels, don’t need much. Makes my face shine.
    Thank you to the Unik team for their prompt service and personalised card which came with the products ordered. Will definitely be ordering again.

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