Honouring Earth Day

In honour of Earth Day, we are reminded of our deep connection to nature and our responsibility to protect it. Recent events have reinforced our desire to reconnect with nature, live slower, and care for our earth in order to reduce the impact on our planet.

We believe that as a responsible business, it is our duty to give back to the planet and protect it for future generations.

In appreciation of Earth Day, we will be doubling our donations through i=Change with every purchase made on Saturday, April 22nd, proudly giving our community the option to shop with purpose.

We would also like to highlight UNIK's commitment to responsibly made products, recognising our place in the world, and showing our appreciation to nature and how it serves us inspiration daily.

 To read more about the projects we support through i=Change, click here.

Since the inception of UNIKSPACE, we have taken steps in producing and operating responsibly, prioritising the use of natural fibres and timeless designs, with longevity and community as our main focus. Living mindfully and respecting Mother Earth is part of who we are as individuals, therefore, naturally, it is also at the core of our business.

So, not only can you feel good about wearing UNIK, you also are investing in slow fashion, mindful practices, and contributing to the betterment of our planet.