Whether it be the connection to the ocean and the nature around us that gifts us with its beautiful colour palettes inspiring our collections, the connection we have with our makers – carefully and gently bringing our visions to life, or the connection we have with our friends, family, and community,  CONNECTED defines our approach to the way that we conduct every part of our business. 

Since the start of UNIKSPACE we've taken steps in producing and operating responsibly, with the use of natural fibres and timeless designs being our main focus, ensuring longevity and promotes a more mindful way of being. Living mindfully and respecting Mother Earth is part of who we are as individuals, therefore naturally it's also at the core of our business. 

We understand each responsible business journey is unique and that it entails ongoing learning, and a strive to always do better. In the aim of transparency, we're opening our journey to you, thank you for taking the time to connect with us here. 


“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”  Gary Snyder. 


“UNIK is essentially a representation of all of the elements we connect to; nature, cultures,  friends, our community. That connection is the catalyst to the products we design. It's a lifestyle, really.”

 Elin Marcic, Co-Founder Unik


“Being connected is really about living harmoniously, with those around us, and with nature, this is a really important aspect for me personally. UNIK is a high vibration of the way that ultimately, I choose  to nurture my connections and the experience that I impart on others.”

Luci Hassen, Co-Founder, UNIK.


“UNIK was created through a friendship between myself, Elin and Luci. Our curiosity for the Arts, nature and community has been a real inspiration and our design and production processes reflect the time that we take to connect with all of these elements. The approach we take is rooted in our belief of ensuring that we are able to keep positive and grounded, ensuring that we respect the way that we connect with others, and they connect with our brand.”

Camilla La Fleur, Co-Founder, UNIK.   


Our UNIK way empowers not only the modern woman to challenge the status quo but adorns her with a range of timeless, functional, and mindful pieces made to honour the connection to people and planet. Our responsible business journey has been  built on the foundations of Community & Longevity, and our vision is to create clothing that values the thoughtful and considered art of design, creating an impact that will transcend the wardrobe.  


We have chosen the word longevity when it comes to our circular and environmental focuses, as we envision a fashion industry that is in harmony with nature, ensuring the longevity of this beautiful planet, as well as the clothing that we develop.


  Community is the heart of our brand. We create clothing for women to feel empowered and be empowered. Our culture is based on connecting closely with our makers, team, customers and wider community. Open dialogues and open minds help us to ensure that we are in line with our community and that we are able to design and produce with mindful and responsible practices in mind.   


Our journey at UNIK has seen us partner with Artisans in Bali, Indonesia, an Island that captured our hearts with its majestic culture. 

Our main partners and their team of makers have been bringing our designs to life since launching UNIKSPACE in 2018, and our pieces are carefully handmade by a small team of skilled makers, producing only in very limited numbers. 

Our approach is to work with the team collaboratively, growing and learning together. Producing in small numbers gives us the possibility to explore different designs and colourways, offering a broader range and respond to what our customers love. It also reduces unnecessary wastage and avoids overproduction, a big problem in today’s fashion climate.  


As individuals we appreciate the role that animals and other species play in our eco-system and community, and connection is one of the core foundations of our brand – this extends to all creatures great and small. It is our pledge that no animals shall be harmed in the operations of our business, and we are focused on working with partners that uphold the same values as ours. 

We will never use materials derived from vulnerable or endangered species, fur, angora or any rabbit hair.

Leather will not be utilised in any of our collections.

To honour our commitment when it comes to transparency, we are currently working with silk. We have started our traceability journey and are working towards transitioning to 100% responsibly sourced silk.
We are currently working with shell buttons which are a by-product from the food industry. 


 At UNIKSPACE we celebrate our differences. We realise that everyone brings a unique perspective through diverse experiences and that we are all one of a kind; UNIK. We want everyone who our business touches to feel respected, accepted, valued, represented, and connected. We strive to generate a culture that is open and inclusive, regardless of race, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, ethnicity, age, physical or mental ability or any other aspect which makes you unique. Being inclusive of all humanity enables us to be diverse, and with diversity comes strength and the power to break down the stereotypical inequalities in our society. 

Acknowledgement of Country 

Being inclusive and celebratory of all women is an important part of who we are, and working with a small team of makers who carefully make our products by hand one by one, gives us the opportunity to offer custom size orders outside of the sizes we have in stock. If you wish to place a custom size order, please connect with us, we would love to assist you in finding your perfect fit. 



Leaning into nature and consumer behaviour, it is important that we utilise packaging that respects the natural world and is easy for our customers to recycle. As part of our packaging goals in 2021 we joined the Canopy Pack for Good commitment and prAna Responsible Packaging Movement, and transitioned to FSC Certified 100% recycled paper satchels, boxes and packaging tape to send our online orders in; both fully recyclable and compostable. Read more about our mindful packaging and how to best recycle, reuse, or dispose of it here. 

Garment Care

The most significant element for us as a responsible company is ensuring longevity through quality and timeless designs, however providing the right care for your garments is an important part of nurturing and sustaining a long-lasting wardrobe, while simultaneously being better for the planet. 

For tips on how to best care for your UNIK garments click here. 


Giving back to our local and global community when we can is at the core of our values and an important part of our business. We are committed to take action and create change to sustain our beautiful planet, and do what we can to help those in need.
Since starting UNIKSPACE, we have aligned with organisations that resonate with us, and we will continue to support various causes as our business evolves.  


We have recently partnered with Social Enterprise i=Change to donate $1 of every UNIKSPACE sale to three nominated charities, who are all working on creating a positive impact for people and the planet. Proudly giving our customers the opportunity to shop with purpose, and to choose which cause to support. For more information about i=Change and the projects we support, click here


 Thank you so much for following along on our journey. We are proud of the achievements we have made this far, and understand our sustainability journey has only just begun. We are committed to the continuous learning required to ensure we are making the best decisions for our environment, people and the planet. 

If you have any feedback, questions or concerns please reach out to us on hello@unikspace.com.au, we would love to connect with you.