It is important to us that we utilise packaging that respects the natural world and is easy for our customers to recycle. Below is detailed information about the packaging we use and how to best recycle or dispose of it.  


 Our postcards are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and are fully recyclable. We often use nature images on our postcards as an ode to Mother Nature, which means you can reuse our post cards as a decorative image in your home, or simply put it into your paper recycling bin. 

 Recycled - Recyclable - Reusable



Our swing tags are made from 100% recycled paper, cotton string and a copper safety pin. The tag can be recycled through your paper recycling, while the cotton thread can be disposed of in the normal bin. Cotton is a natural material and will biodegrade in landfill. The safety pin can be put in your sewing kit to re use at home. 

 Recycled - Recyclable - Reusable



Our tissue paper is printed through sustainable packaging company noisse, using soy-based inks on FSC-certified paper which is acid, sulphur, and lignin-free. It's 100% compostable, recyclable, and made from recycled materials. Reuse our premium wrapping paper for the next time you need to wrap a present to a loved one, or simply put it into your paper recycling bin.  

FSC Certified - Recycled - Recyclable - Reusable



Our eco friendly stickers are 100% recyclable and can be placed in your normal paper recycling bin after use.




Our paper post satchels are made from FSC certified 100% recycled non virgin paper, and are fully recyclable. These lightweight and strong mailing satchels contribute to a circular economy by allowing valuable materials to live again.  Made so that they can be reused, you can keep it aside and use it for next time you need to send a parcel. Alternatively, you can add it to your paper recycling bin. 

FSC Certified - Recycled - Recyclable - Reusable

Our compostable satchels are made from home-compostable materials, mainly corn starch and PBAT (a compostable ingredient which bonds the renewable ingredients together). 

To compost them at home, it’s best to remove any labels, cut them up and place in your compost bin as “brown” materials. These will completely break down within 90-120 days in a home-compostable environment - sometimes even sooner!

Home & Commercially Compostable certified - Reusable 



We use 100% recycled paper shipping labels that are fully recyclable, using a specifically designed adhesive that can be safely composted or recycled without leaving harmful residues.  

Recycled - Recyclable



Our orders are packed using a 100% recycled FSC-certified paper tape that’s been printed with soy based ink and is water-activated, which is one of several environmentally friendly benefits compared to other tapes. The tape is 100% recyclable after use through your paper recycling. 

 FSC Certified - Recycled - Recyclable



We send our wholesale orders in cardboard boxes sourced from an FSC-certified supplier, supporting healthy forests and protecting wildlife. It has a strong cardboard construction which can be recycled after use, or added to the paper recycling bin.   

FSC Certified - Recyclable - Reusable



Occasionally we pack our wholesale orders using bio-based sticky tape that has been made using natural rubber adhesive made from PLA. This ecotape is certified to break down in a commercial compost facility within 60 days. 




Our production orders are shipped to us in non toxic, biodegradable and compostable bags made from corn and cassava starch, which means they  can be added to a home composting facility or garden waste. We've sourced these locally in Bali where our manufacturing is based, saving on carbon miles and supporting the Balinese economy. We encourage other brands to do the same and say goodbye to single use plastic for good. The company we order our garment bags from is Avani Eco.