Mindful Gifts

UNIKSPACE celebrates a minimalist aesthetic with a romantic twist. With a focus on craftsmanship and the use of natural fabrics, we create elevated pieces with functionality, longevity, and versatility in mind.

Through our commitment to slow fashion and a way of life undefined by seasons or trends, we design for a life where luxury is defined by ease and elegance.

Our core values include community and connection to our customers and our environment. Recognising our responsibility to our planet and our makers who carefully bring our visions to life, we build our brand with an openness that guides us to design and produce with thoughtful practices in mind

Commit to slow fashion and mindful living with us this Christmas. 

One of a kind hand knitted socks in 100% lambs wool. Knitted with love by Aunty Cristina in the countryside of Sweden. Contact us to purchase. 

Magic of I 2022 Planners, available in Black and White.  Contact us to purchase.