Summer of Bushfires

Unite together to do what we can


2020 has started in such a heart breaking way for us in Australia. The bushfires are still raging throughout the country and have so far killed an estimated 500 million wild animals in NSW alone, taken lives, burnt down towns, homes and ancient rainforests never touched by fires before. The devastation is unfathomable. Australia needs our help. We need to come together and do everything we can to help save our beautiful country, animals and all the people directly affected by the fires.

Two weekends during this Summer we donated 100% of our profits to WIRES Wildlife Rescue and NSW Rural Fire Service, whose volunteers are working on the ground, tirelessly fighting the fires and saving our most vulnerable. If you would like to donate, please do so directly to NSW RFS and WIRES.  Every little bit helps as they continue to work through this intense Summer.Kaspara Billowed Sleeve Dress in black - UNIK by us

During these devastating times, it’s encouraging to see how the human spirit prevails with people and communities coming together to help the ones who need it most. Aggy’s Corner hosted a bushfire fundraiser, putting on a bbq and raffle in which they raised $13,000 to donate towards Relief and rebuild Jamanee Gunya, Koala HospitalNSW RFS and Food Bank Australia.  We donated towards the raffle along with so many other local brands and businesses.

We are proud to be part of such a beautiful, supportive community and it just goes to show what we can do when we unite together.