About us

UNIK SPACE is a carefully curated online destination that celebrates the minimalistic aesthetic with a romantic twist. It is the collaborative effort of Camilla, Elin and Luci, who met working in the fashion industry in Sydney. The three quickly realised they shared similar values, ideals and aesthetic, which led to an impromptu discussion in which UNIK SPACE was created. Selecting brands that share a similar ethos and core values to UNIK SPACE: considered production, small runs to minimise waste and celebrating the handmade. But most of all creating beautiful well made products made to last.
Based on their work experience in fashion, the trio wanted to create a style that was timeless, non-fussy and unique. A style that was luxurious, yet simple, elevated, yet easy, catering for the informed woman who cared about how her clothes were made as much as how they looked. Wanting to craft beautifully made inspirational pieces UNIK by us was envisioned for the style conscious woman to love and put her own twist on. Wanting to provide to a specific niche, offering mindful luxury and an easy alternative to dress for the multi-tasking
modern women.
UNIK by us focuses on designing timeless, simplistic pieces that will last, standing the test of time. Fashion to wear and love forever.