The Wilde Herringbone

We could not resist the herringbone linen in navy pinstripe when we were sourcing Japanese fabrics and knew straight away it was destined for the Wilde jumpsuit.  With only a certain amount of fabric available, we decided to do a UNIK by us limited edition of the Wilde jumpsuit in herringbone linen.


A classic weave that's pattern has been around since the Roman Empire, where they laid their roads in the herringbone pattern, as it made far more sturdy roads under pressure than a straight line.  Herringbone fabric is also stronger than a plain weave fabric made from the same material (believe us, we have tested it!) as the yarns can be packed more tightly together. This also gives the fabric a better drape, therefore is naturally crease resistant.

Herringbone is a subtle way of introducing patterns into your wardrobe without overpowering your outfit and the timeless navy pinstripe layers beautifully with the Keats tee or the Charlotte billowed sleeve blouse for a more romantic look.  As the Wilde jumpsuit comes with a self-fabric belt, you can wear it belted or unbelted and when belted the Wilde in herringbone shows a neat feminine silhouette, a nice contrast to the strong navy pinstripe.  Wear it to work, after work to an event or anywhere, the Wilde herringbone linen jumpsuit in navy pinstripe is your go to piece when you want to impress with ease. 

Wilde herringbone linen jumpsuit in navy pinstripe - UNIK by us