UNIK Muse : Aniella Batten

Beautiful Mama of two girls, entrepreneur and business woman Aniella Batten shares tips on how to stay true to your style while juggling work and family life. 

Aniella just recently started her new business as a wedding celebrant, at the same time as running her online children's boutique nuage, and operating her and her husband's cafe & wine bar Effie's, named after their youngest daughter. 

We wanted to know more about Aniella's journey and how she is navigating family life, business, style and self-care.

Aniella is wearing the Ling silk blouse and Ida silk pants.  

Effie's cafe and wine bar in Balgowlah, located on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Effie's is Aniella's and her husband Sam's business. It is also named after their youngest daughter.
Artwork by Ashley Holmes. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your background, where you’re from, where you grew up, and where you live now?

I was born in Brisbane and lived there until I was 5. We then moved to the beautiful beachside suburb of Manly, where I then spent the next 6 years, growing up alongside my two brothers, Sam and Tom. My dad was a Rugby Union coach at the time, and after a successful win with the Wallaby’s in 1999, his job then took us to France. A year later, we packed up and moved to Cape Town, South Africa, where we lived for 3 and a half years. My mother then brought us back to Manly to ensure I stayed put for years 10-12. I’m still here, living in Fairlight with my husband, Sam and two beautiful daughters, Aggy and Effie.

 As a mother of two gorgeous girls, running two businesses by yourself, as well as collaborating with your husband running up until recently two café’s, we can imagine it’s hard to find time for yourself! How do you find time for your family,  husband,  and very much needed self-care?

It’s all about balance. Some weeks I have it together, and other’s I struggle to find it. I definitely do not get enough time for self-care, as I would much prefer to spend quality time with my girls and husband, but I am getting better at setting aside some time for me.

Aniella with her two daughters, Aggy and Effie.

What do you do to look after yourself, and how do you streamline and separate the businesses, family life, and fit it all in?

I don’t feel as though I can answer this just yet as it is still very much a work in progress, but when I can find time, I really enjoy going for walks along the ocean, losing myself in good music.Aniella is wearing the Victor coat in Olive. 

We feel you are good at so many things and have many talents, such as singing, do you think this confidence was instilled in you from childhood? Any tips you can share with us, as we would love to instil in our children the ability to give life your all, to try new things, and not limit themselves.

Absolutely. Both of my parents instilled in us from a very young age that we can do absolutely anything we set our minds to, so I have grown up believing that with passion, hard work and determination you really can achieve anything. Every day, I try to ensure that my daughters feel loved and appreciated, empowered and enriched. This, I believe, will set them up for a strong, independent and free life, where they can feel confident in trying new things for themselves, without the fear of failing, for failure is all part of your success.


Aniella is wearing the Anya Kimono, that has been named after her, and the Ida silk pants

You have had many career streams, reinvented yourself, and we love how you have always stayed true to you and your style, what do you love most about being a celebrant and what made you decide to be a celebrant?

Thank you. It has been quite a journey. I guess, after over a decade of performing at weddings as a singer, the transition into celebrant was a natural way for me to lean in even closer to the magic, to perform one of life’s most precious ceremonies. Travelling the world and living abroad at such an early age helped give me a deep understanding of different cultures and people, and a diversity of life and love. Also, I am a true romantic. I love love, so it seemed like the perfect sidestep, and I am so glad I did it, I absolutely love being a celebrant, and don’t think I will ever tire of that moment when I pronounce my couple’s officially married to one another- there truly is no feeling quite like it.

You can find out more information and book the gorgeous Aniella as a celebrant through her website: https://www.aniellabatten.com/

What is your best advice you would give to a couple in love about to get married?

Stay true to yourselves!!!! It is so important for your wedding day to feel authentic and a true representation of who you are as a couple, but also as individuals. Everyone will have an opinion or a suggestion, my advice would be to just smile and nod, and only make decisions that you know will make you truly happy on the day.. after all, it is your wedding day!


Aniella is wearing the Ling silk blouse, the Ida silk pant and the Victor coat in Olive.

How would you describe your style and how do you shop? What makes you decide to invest in a new piece for your wardrobe? 

I feel best when I feel like myself.. and that usually means a tee and a shirt or blazer with a pair of trousers. I am always on the lookout for those key pieces which help me remain true to my style, as that is when I feel most confident.

Who and what inspires you?

Inspiration for me comes from many different places- interiors (Athena Calderone, Tamsin Johnson and Phoebe Nicol are some of my favs), fashion, poetry.. My friends and family inspire me on the daily too!

Aniella is wearing the Anya Kimono in White and the Ida silk pant in Black. 

What are you listening to at the moment? Feel free to share your favourite playlist or podcast. 

I love a true crime podcast, and I recently created a playlist that I have been listening to when writing my marriage ceremonies.. I’ll share it with you!

Listen to Anya's playlist here.

Aniella is wearing the Ling silk blouse and the Ida silk pant.

You've collected a number of UNIK pieces since we launched our first collection a few years ago, and you wear them all so well! Do you have any favourites?

I cannot get enough of my Ling Silk Blouse and Ida Silk Pant.. It is the most special combo, and I feel so great in it. It is comfortable, flattering and the shape of the sleeves is just so incredibly beautiful, I love it!!!!