Our UNIK Production Policy

At UNIK, connection is one of the core foundations of our brand – this extends to all creatures great and small. It is our pledge that no animals shall be harmed in the operations of our business, and we are focused on working with partners that uphold the same values as ours. 

We are committed to working with and adopting responsible industry standards and working towards traceability within our value chain. If we source animal derived materials, our brand partners must prove that the animals have been treated fairly in line with the recognised Five Freedoms;

1. Freedom from hunger and thirst
2. Freedom from discomfort
3. Freedom from pain, injury or disease
4. Freedom to express normal behaviour
5. Freedom from fear and distress

Animal derived materials must be sourced from recognised and certified sources. We will never use materials derived from vulnerable or endangered species, fur, angora or any rabbit hair.

Leather will not be utilised in any of our collections.

Our Status
To honour our commitment when it comes to transparency, we are currently working with silk. We have started our traceability journey, and are working towards transitioning to 100% responsibly sourced silk.
We are currently working with shell buttons which are a by-product from the food industry.