48 hours in Byron Bay

Recently our team travelled to Byron Bay to capture the essence of Collection.08. Join us behind the scenes for two days filled with sunshine, inspiration and creativity bringing this campaign to life. 

Michelle wearing the Ling Silk Blouse and Ida Silk Pant in Sunny Lime.

Our creative conception behind Collection.08, and the journey from inspiration to reality. Before a new collection comes to life, it always starts with a mood board to inspire our designs. We always design with the intent to bring you high quality, timeless, and long lasting wardrobe staples that you can wear and love forever.

The team had the pleasure of staying at the newly opened 70's inspired hotel, Sun Ranch.

Collection.08 was inspired by warm places and the nature around us. 

The Santorini Shirt Dress in Ice Coffee - so great for travelling and whilst staying at Sun Ranch.

70s influences and nostalgia, a dreamy Californian ranch house with a beautiful Spanish influence can be found in every corner at Sun Ranch

Our latest addition to Collection.08, the Amalfi Anglaise Maxi Dress

1. The most dreamy kitchen at Sun Ranch. 2. Poolside in the Santorini Shirt Dress in Ice Coffee. 

New pieces from Collection.08 launching soon. 

The Anya Kimono - launched 2 years ago and still a best seller in our Core Collection.