Earth Day


April 22 marks the annual celebration of Earth Day. A day which people all over the world take action to highlight environmental issues and ways to preserve and protect the earth.  Every year Earth Day focuses on a specific theme to inspire appreciation and awareness for our natural environment.  2019’s theme is “Protect our Species” (

The fashion industry is not renowned for its ethical and sustainable practices.  In fact, the carbon impact of the fashion industry is bigger than the airline industry's.  Fast fashion has contributed to the throw away culture, where it’s easier and cheap enough to buy another piece of clothing than repair. Fast brands and luxury houses alike routinely burn millions of dollars’ worth of stock, samples as well as unsold products due to oversupply.  Then there’s the question of, who made your clothes and what conditions did they have to endure to get you that nice priced garment?


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Baring all this in mind, at UNIK SPACE we are constantly striving to limit our carbon footprint, causing as least an impact in the world around us as possible. Making conscious decisions about who we work with and how they produce.  UNIK by us and the brands we choose to work with, have small production runs that use considered processes to limit waste.  Our makers work from their homes which allows them the flexibility to care for their children and run their households.  Trying to limit our use of plastics where possible, we have found compostable packaging to post our orders in. Working with The Better Packaging Co. whose postage bags are made from corn starch, so you can dispose of them in your food scraps or garden waste and they become food for the worms. Better for the environment, the oceans and the future.


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To celebrate Earth Day, UNIK SPACE will be donating 25% of our sales made on April 22 and 23 to the Foundation for Australia's Most Endangered Species. FAME is committed to funding conservation projects to save Australia’s rare and endangered native flora and fauna.


"Macadamia Jansenii is one of Australia’s most endangered species, with only 90 known trees remaining in a 6000m2 area of natural habitat"
"Officially listed as vulnerable on the EPBC endangered species list, numbat numbers in the wild have been experiencing long-term decline".

"Cassowaries need our help to recover and restore their habitat. This project is identified as one of FAME’s 2019 Top Ten Endangered Species"

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