Lilac Love Affair

Our Lilac colourway is having a moment. Could it be the feeling of summer sunshine, the beach, and festivity? Or could it be the Jacaranda trees spreading magic with their lilac blooms across the country? Whatever the reason, we're so pleased to see our Lilac pieces receiving the love they deserve.

Our colourways are exclusively developed for us, meaning we don't just choose an already-dyed fabric to have our pieces made in. It starts with giving our production team a colour reference which they use as a guide to create a few variations for us until we are happy with the perfect shade. The fabric is then hand-dyed by a small family-run business on the beautiful island of Bali, followed by being dried by the wind and the sun, (no machinery is used in this process) which means if there's a period of too much rain our hand-dyed fabric will take longer to produce. We love the humble way our exclusive colourways are created, and the way nature has a part to play too. 

We have a few sizes left of the last re-cut of this limited edition colourway. Perfect pieces for the balmy days ahead.