For Georgia Jackson, it comes down to less of everything when it's time to recharge and just be. We sat down with the beautiful and inspirational soft soul and founder of newly opened wellness house Mesa Body in Freshwater, located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

When being asked what her favourite self-care tips are, she says to keep it simple, to give yourself time and space to just be. She believes anything can bring you inner peace and stillness if we do it with intention. 

From her heavenly space Mesa Body, a place for selfcare rituals for our inner and outer worlds, Georgia shares more about what drives her curiosity and everyday bliss.

Georgia wears the Anya Kimono in Shell and the Parker Shorts in Shell. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your background, where you’re from, where you grew up, and where you live now?

I was born in Vancouver BC and grew up on Vancouver Island, the west coast of Canada is truly a magical place, if you are fortunate to find the special pockets, they are overflowing with nature. It was a really great place to grow up, a mix of ocean and bush life. Which I appreciated more with time. I had always from a young age had an intention of putting down roots where summer flows year round, and my life was beachy - hello blue crush!

Australia was in my mind and when the opportunity came I knew if I didn't jump at it then, I might get caught up in the other life bits that can sometimes keep us from exploring fully. I did not intentionally land on the beaches however after a stint in Melbourne during April requiring jackets and similar grey rain weather as BC, I couldn't book a flight fast enough to return to the glorious pocket of Manly. I fell completely in love with my life here, and my now fiancé  ~ it's been a wild time! Just about to celebrate 10 years in the sun and I still cannot believe there are palm trees outside my window.

Georgia wears The June shirt and Cooper shorts in White

What do you miss about Canada and what do you love about Australia?

THE AIR! I close my eyes and can feel it fill my entire being. It is the best, and my family. We are small but close, my brother has had 2 little ones in the past few years which really is challenging knowing we are moving through this phase of life on other ends of the ocean. Living on the beaches is a huge privilege, I feel like I am consciously creating a life that reflects who I am, the flow of friendships and connections that I have weaved here will be with me for my entire lifetime, definitely where I am supposed to be. Also, being able to walk to the beach and dip with my family and dog every morning is life! I am honestly so grateful to have homes in both. 

Georgia wears The Ling top in White and Ida silk pant in Olive.


Where is your favourite space to recharge and just be?

I love ducking out in the morning with my headphones playing a podcast or my current fave morning tune, as long as I can see ocean I feel grounded in myself...to fully recharge though I need space and a change of scenery - less of everything. My in laws have created the most beautiful farm 3 hours NorthWest from Manly, and it is pure bliss...the very top of the paddock, it's like a painting. I could happily sit there all day amongst wildflowers and cows. One of those places you need to visit to feel it, lay down on a rug sans phone and just sink in and let it wrap you up.

Georgia wears The June Shirt and Cooper Shorts


We absolutely love Mesa, the wellness house you have created in Freshwater. We love the interiors, the therapies, and the overall feeling of the place! What inspired you to create a wellness house and what career choices did you make that led you to Mesa?

Thank you for such beautiful words. Mesa is many years and evolutions of self in the making and continues to be, I am fully submerged in where Mesa is taking us, it is really exciting to be able to explore different passions of mine and who ends up along for the ride, pinching myself daily. 

 I have always been encouraged to follow my intuition and never chose the path of study "just because", learning is one thing that is important to evolve and gain perspective but doing anything just to tick a box I have always pushed back on, however the realities of taking risks or to fail in one way or another can be confronting - but worth it. 

 I knew working for myself was the only way to fully access and share what I felt was my purpose, working for someone else started to feel heavy, uninspiring and I was losing my sparkle big time, something had to give. Going back pre becoming a massage therapist, my dad sadly suddenly passed away in my early twenties ~ a moment in time I really dove into what it meant to understand myself and my time here, how I could create what a full life was to me. 

Fast forward once we committed to MESA my heart completely blew up! My friends' ears were happy to finally hear my years of dreaming come to fruition ha ha. It is honestly a feeling I would wish everyone to experience in whatever capacity rings true to them, being in alignment with yourself and seeing the way that we are fully supported when we step into that space is never ending, and full of so much joy. I do think it is important to mention that not everyone is supposed to be an entrepreneur or bizz owner to have personal success or contribute something valuable to the world, that is all the hype these days... I couldn't do what I do without my team, they are everything.

Georgia wears The Ling top in White and Ida silk pant in Olive.

We love the idea of looking after ourselves and each other, can your share your daily self-care routine that keeps you looking and feeling so good? 

It ebbs and flows! A good rule for me is keep it simple, this way I can get there and if I am on a roll then I make space for more and it's like a bonus without the pressure. When having so many tabs open in my brain as well as working with people and their physical/emotional bodies I have to prioritise self care, it is non-negotiable. Taking time, giving myself space to just be in whatever way, going internal for my answers really grounds me and being present allows that refresh moment. I believe anything can bring you inner peace + stillness if you do it with intention. Being 10 places at once is like full time energy/happiness robbery, totally unsustainable ~ however I acknowledge the juggle of life is challenging no doubt!

 Connecting to my people really fuels me, a good chat or quality time spent reminds me what I value and cuts through the noise. Presence in the in between tasks like washing your face, putting on a beautiful body oil, breathing into all corners of your body, eye contact, nourishing movement, good music is BIG in my world, meditation practice- creating that space to be able to move from a more grounded center within allows me to trust where I am headed that day no matter what rocks up. Laughter - not taking life so seriously is like a massive exhale I welcome.  I rely on various ritual tools I hold dearly; Massage Therapy/Energy/Body work, Kinesiology, Acupuncture, my Creative Mentor Rachael SardelichPilates at ModeYoga at Divine Flow. Latest obsession is experiencing the deep transformation from a Tea Ceremony with Casi Polgar. I will be diving more into this one for sure. 

What do you like to cook on a cosy night in? 

 Oh I love beautifully made food. Whole goodness. I like it all, I am particular about it being made with care though. I will cart a bag of crisps pretty much everywhere I go. OG Tyrrells forever, and hot sauce!! on everything. My partner is an incredible cook, so we enjoy a lot at home with friends, home is my other sanctuary. Mexican is my number one, any day. So fresh.

We love your effortless dreamy style; how would you describe your style and what tips can you share with us about creating a truly unique, yet timeless capsule wardrobe?

I always stick to pieces that make me FEEL good and like myself.  I change it up, that internal energy really makes your style yours. Play with size and don't let that trip you up ~ Beautiful makers, intentional fabrics, great cut and fit..All these things come together and make for the whole vibe. I am for sure a blue jeans, white tee, magical boots kind of gal. However since living here the flowy fabrics, colour, and silhouettes have been so fun to integrate into my wardrobe. 

Find a selection of UNIK pieces available at Mesa.

Georgia wears the Anya Kimono in Shell and the Parker Shorts in Shell

What are your favourite UNIK pieces?

I could go on forever! So many, I have my staples...

The Gladys Tailored Linen Vest in Black!! I wear this with anything and everything dressed up or down,  Cooper shortsVictor Linen Coat in Sand SO stunning, The Byron Shirt (needed in every colour)  and Wilde Linen Jumpsuit in black with converse is a daily go-to. 

Recently I purchased the Ida Silk pants in black  ~ they are SO luxe, I wear them with my birkenstock clogs and the Burns Twist Linen Top in White ~ the way they flow and hang is such a cool combo. I feel so effortless and beautiful in everything, I never think twice to choose a UNIK piece to complete my outfit and love that they are so complimentary to all women, designed by 3 incredible inspiring women doing important things in the fashion industry, sign me up.

Georgia wears the Kidd jumpsuit in Black

What are the three most important things in your life?

I cannot pick 3?! What came to mind first is creating a life I am so proud of, trying to be the best step-parent, partner, and friend. to love and be loved. Go to sleep at night feeling like life is so so good.

Georgia wears The Ling top in White and Ida silk pant in Olive.

What are you reading, watching, and listening to now?

A few things on the go depending on what I reach for... I hope I can actually finish a book over the holidays..

Currently reading: the four agreements, always a good one to go back to. The few books I always have on my side table are: anything by Brene Brown, The Secret Language of your Body, any musician biography ~ I love to completely escape into their stories. 

Watching Yellowstone or trash telly ( my secret indulgence ) listening to...Pulling the Thread, Diary of a CEO, Mark Groves, Human Design with Jenna Zoe, Expanded by to be magnetic, The Deep.

Georgia wears The June Shirt and Cooper Shorts

We hear wedding bells are ringing… Congratulations! Can you tell us of your plans so far? 

Thank you! We are so excited to celebrate our love ~ We will have a small wedding held on a beautiful farm with our closest humans. I really just cannot wait for the dance floor..I have locked in a pair of insane cowboy boots and am working on the dress next.. a little birdie told me UNIKSPACE has visions. stay tuned!