UNIK Muse : Leanne Pak

A dreamer and lover of all things minimalistic, Leanne caught our eye with her less is more approach. We sat down to get to know this beautiful conscious shopper and UNIK Muse better.  

All images captured by Leanne Pak for UNIKSPACE

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself , where you’re from, where you live now and what you do for work? 

I moved to Sydney when I was young from South Africa. I still live and work in Sydney in a small fashion company. 

We love your minimalistic style, have you always had a paired back aesthetic, or is it something that’s developed over time?

Thank you! It has definitely been something that has evolved over time! Believe it or not, I was very into loud extravagant pieces for a lot of my teenage years. 

Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to adapt a more timeless approach to fashion?

A great starting point is to commit more time and thought to each purchase. Don't impulse buy and evaluate what gaps need filling in your wardrobe. Another important aspect to consider is the fabrication as natural fibres will generally last longer in your wardrobe and are less harmful to the environment. By just changing your mindset about shopping will naturally gear you towards making purchases that will have a place in your wardrobe for a long time. 

This past year and a half has been like no other, how do you cope during lockdown, and what do you do during this time to keep you feeling positive?

During lockdown I always like to focus on what a privileged position I am in. Listing out the aspects of my life for which I am grateful for always sets me on a positive path. 

When the world opens up again, where would you love to travel to?

My first stop will be Europe! 

Can you share your daily self-care routine that keeps you looking and feeling good?

I find doing my makeup (even if it's a simple and fast look) and getting dressed in an outfit I feel confident always puts me in good spirits on any day. I am pretty low maintenance!

Do you have any favourite UNIK pieces?

The Kidd jumpsuit has got to be my current favourite piece. Jumpsuits are definitely an element that was missing in my wardrobe and I am so glad to have found such a beautiful one from UNIK to keep my collection for years to come!

What are the three most important things in your life?

Family, my partner and happiness. 

Do you have any music tips for us we can add to our playlists while working from home?

Listen to anything that makes you feel good! I love strong dance beats and it can often get me through any day working from home! I love this playlist on Spotify.