Love for Bali

 Bali needs our help  

The Balinese economy is almost entirely dependent on tourism and these past 18 months have had a devastating effect on the local community. The latest strict lockdown is bringing the crisis to its peak as the island has come to a grinding halt. Unlike Australia and many other more fortunate countries, there is no government assistance available in this time of crisis.

Children and mothers are desperately begging on the streets in the hope to make enough to feed their families for the day.   Even though we’re all experiencing the effects of Covid one way or another, some more affected than others, most of us are privileged with a roof over our heads, a bed to sleep in, and food for our families.  

With our manufacturing based on this beautiful island, Bali is close to our hearts, and while the UNIKSPACE team and their families are safe and doing ok during this crisis, there are many other families that desperately need help.

UNIKSPACE will donate 10% of all sales made throughout the month of August, directly to, and split equally between the following charities : 

@feed_bali @balistreetmums_project @bumisehatbali

Head to their Instagram pages to see the incredible work these charities do. 

Share their story.

Click the below links to donate directly to these charities, any little bit helps. 

Donate to Feed Bali 

Donate to Bali Street Mums 

Donate to Bumi Sehat 

Everyone that has ever been to Bali can relate when we say, this is a special place. It has a magical spirit that instantly makes you feel grounded and leaves a lasting impression of gratitude that places like this exist. Bali and its people have given everyone so much, and it’s now our turn to give back and do our best to help the dire situation that’s currently escalating over there.

A little goes a long way and we urge everyone that has ever been to this beautiful Island and enjoyed the welcoming spirit of the Balinese people, to now lend a helping hand and give back. As little as 30 USD helps to feed a whole family for 2 weeks.

Thank you for opening your hearts and helping Bali in this time of urgent crisis, 

Camilla, Luci & Elin