UNIK MUSE : Marianne Roussety

Marianne Roussety is an extraordinary human being, living her truth and honouring the planet. A talented, creative, beautiful person who is not afraid to let others know where she stands. We wanted to know a bit more about Marianne, so asked her a few questions about her life, art and some tips on how we all can do our bit for the environment.
Before travel restrictions was a thing and all you thought about when you heard the word Corona, was summer parties and Mexican beer, Marianne and her partner Ben, who’s a talented photographer, did a shoot for us in Bali, capturing their favourite UNIK by us pieces in their own way. 
Where were you born, where did you grow up and where are you based now? 

I was born and grew up in Quebec, Canada. I now live in a beautiful coastal town, Byron Bay, in Australia.

Art seems to play a major role in your life, when did you realise you loved art and what inspired you to start painting?  Do you work in other mediums as well?

Yes, art is such a big part of me. My dad thought me to draw when I was little and I loved it instantly. Since then, art has been a huge part of me and has helped me in so many ways. I used to draw a lot but I pretty much just paint these days! As a person who is passionate about the state of our environment, what are your top tips on conscious living?

Every little step to help the environment is an important step. Educating ourselves is a great first step to take and then changing some 'normal habits' is the next. We can all make a difference if we try! Reducing plastic, choosing eco-friendly/sustainable/ethical fashion over fast-fashion, natural living in connection with nature..

You get to go to beautiful locations, what’s been your favourite destination? 

Portugal, where Ben and I met. Such a special place for us and it is also SO beautiful there!

It looks like you love your work, do you think it is easy for people in our society to do what they love and live their truth?

I think it really depends.. There is definitely more of a movement at the moment, but for me it was not easy. Where I grew up, the norm is to go to uni, find a job, buy a house... and I wasn't sold about the idea of living that way. I think the judgment and expectations of society can definitely be an obstacle for anyone who wishes to live an 'alternative' lifestyle, but if you push through, it is SO rewarding.  

We love your light flowy style, what inspires you in fashion and how would you describe your style?

I love flowy and feminine pieces the most! I just go with what feels comfortable and looks nice these days haha! 

You look so beautiful in all our UNIK pieces! Which one is your favourite?

Loooving all of Unik Space's pieces, so hard to choose one favourite, but I really love the Kaspara Billowed Sleeve dress. It's so feminine and light, and I also love the open back! I greatly appreciate the effort of your brand for being part of the conscious fashion movement.

Marianne was photographed for UNIK SPACE by her partner Ben Rayner in Bali, Indonesia. 
You can explore and shop Marianne's incredible art on her website www.fromourearthart.com