Community is at the heart of our brand. We create clothing for individuals to feel empowered and be empowered. Our culture is based on connecting closely with our makers, team, customers and wider community. Open dialogues and open minds help us to ensure that we are in line with our community and that we are able to design and produce with mindful and responsible practices in mind.  



Our journey at UNIK, has seen us partner with Artisans in Bali, Indonesia, an Island that captured our hearts with its majestic culture. 

Our main partner Roma, and her team of independent makers we met  almost 10 years ago, and have been working together since starting UNIKSPACE in 2018. Our pieces are carefully handmade by our small team of makers, and we only produce in very limited numbers.

Our approach is to work with Roma and the team collaboratively, growing and learning together. Producing in small numbers without big minimum orders gives us the possibility to grow our brand at our own pace, while also reduces unnecessary wastage and avoids overproduction, a big problem in today’s fashion climate. Roma oversee our entire production which includes everything from sourcing fabrics, developing new patterns, dyeing fabrics, and working closely with each maker to create the finished product. UNIKSPACE wouldn't be where it is today without the relationship we have developed with Roma and her team. We are forever grateful. 

 Our second partner is also based in Bali. We started our journey with them in 2021. They have a slightly bigger capacity and it felt like a natural addition to our manufacturing team. 

 To fulfill our responsible business vision, our community roadmap for our makers FY 2021 is:



 We have developed our Code of Conduct in line with the International Labour Organisation, and Ethical Trade Initiative.

 GOAL FY21: 100% signed by Tier 1 Makers



 After endeavouring into training on the importance of transparency, we are working on mapping our supply chain. This is an interesting journey for us, and the makers we are working with, as they have never been asked to do this before. Our aim is to create better relationships, open communication and trust with our makers – and helping them change the way that they think about the supply chain too.

 GOAL FY21: 100% Tier 1 mapped   

In the aim of understanding and educating ourselves in working with Tier 1 Artisans, we will look to engage with organisations such as the Ethical Trade Initiative, International Labour Organisation and Better Work. This will help us form goals to develop our 2030 roadmap.




  At UNIKSPACE we celebrate our differences. We realise that everyone brings a unique perspective through diverse experiences and that we are all one of a kind; UNIK. We want everyone who our business deals with to feel respected, accepted, valued, represented, and connected. We strive to generate a culture that is open and inclusive, regardless of race, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, ethnicity, age, physical or mental ability, neurodiversity, or any other aspect which makes you unique. Being inclusive of all humanity enables us to be diverse and with diversity comes strength, and the power to break down the stereotypical inequalities in our society.

 Our Diversity & Inclusion Policy has been developed to guide us as we grow, and to keep these values close to our heart.