Giving back to our local and global community when we can is at the core of our values and an important part of our business. We are committed to take action and create change to sustain our beautiful planet, and do what we can to help those in need.
Since starting UNIKSPACE, we have aligned with organisations that resonate with us, and we will continue to support various causes as our business evolves.  



We have recently partnered with Social Enterprise i=Change to donate $1 of every UNIKSPACE sale to the three nominated charities listed below, who are all working on creating a positive impact for people and the planet.

Proudly giving our customers the opportunity to shop with purpose, and to choose which cause to support. 

For more information about i=Change and the projects we support, click here




Ecologi gives businesses and individuals the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint through certified offset projects, and separately, to plant trees. UNIKSPACE joined Ecologi in November 2020, and we encourage others to do the same. It is an achievable solution for small businesses that don't have the capacity to individually track and offset their carbon footprint, giving everyone the chance to join the climate action movement. 

You can track the projects we've supported through Ecologi, and how man trees we have planted, here.




2020 started in a heart breaking way for us here in Australia. The bushfires were raging throughout the country and killed an estimated 500 million wild animals in NSW alone, took lives, burnt down towns, homes and ancient rainforests never touched by fires before. The devastation was unfathomable. 


Two weekends during the Summer of 2020 UNIKSPACE donated 100% of our profits to the below charities, whose volunteers were working on the ground to tirelessly fight the fires and save our most vulnerable: 

WIRES Wildlife Rescue

NSW Rural Fire Service

During the time of the bushfires we also teamed up with our friends at Aggy’s Corner Cafe, along with fellow local small businesses, to host a Bushfire Fundraiser. Together we proudly raised 13,000 AUD that were donated directly to, and split evenly between the below charities. We are incredibly humbled to be part of such a beautiful, supportive community and it shows what we can do when we unite together.


Relief and Rebuild Jamanee Gunya

Koala Hospital

NSW Rural Fire Service

Food Bank Australia 




Bali is very close to our hearts.  This is where the majority of UNIKSPACE garments are made. The Balinese economy are almost entirely dependent on tourism and these past 18+ months have had a devastating effect on the local community. The strict lockdowns have brought the crisis to its peak as the island came to a grinding halt. Unlike Australia and many other more fortunate countries, there is no government assistance available during this time of crisis.

Children and mothers are desperately begging on the streets in the hope to make enough to feed their families for the day. Even though we’re all experiencing the effects of Covid one way or another, some more affected than others, most of us are privileged with a roof over our heads, a bed to sleep in, and food for our families.  

During the entire month of August 2021 we donated 10% of all sales received at UNIKSPACE, plus an extra contribution from us, directly to, and split equally between the following incredible charities, offering lifesaving help to the most vulnerable :  

Bumi Sehat Bali

Feed Bali

Bali Street Mums  

The donations go directly to the families and children these charities provide food and lifesaving supplies to, and we’re so grateful for the work they do. Every little bit helps and we encourage everyone, especially those that have a special love for Bali, to head to each charity's page and donate directly.  

As little as 30 USD feeds a whole family for two weeks(!) through Feed Bali. 

Bali Street Mums provide a safe house, care, counselling, nutritious meals, vitamins, schooling and play for children otherwise living and begging on the streets and in the slums.  

Bumi Sehat is a gentle birthing non-profit organization in Indonesia and the Philippines, advocating for the human rights of mothers, babies & families. You can sign up to donate $10 per month (the price of two cups of coffee!) which will help to provide life saving food aids for women, children, and those most in need. 

 Where there’s love and generosity, there’s hope.