We have chosen the word longevity when it comes to our circular and environmental focuses, as we envision a fashion industry that is in harmony with nature, ensuring the longevity of this beautiful planet, as well as the clothing that we develop.

In order to fulfill our vision, our Longevity roadmap for 2022 is:



The most significant elements to ensure longevity of a garment is quality, timeless design, and care. Providing the right care for your clothes is an important part of nurturing and sustaining a long-lasting wardrobe, while simultaneously being better for the planet. Please refer to our Care Guide for useful tips on how to best extend the life of your UNIKSPACE garments. 



As a collective, we have an inherent love and respect for our mother earth. As part of our recent sustainability training, we have become to understand the importance of tracing the fibres that we work with, including their chemical inputs.

As part of this journey, we have developed our Preferred Fibres Portfolio which leans into transitioning and ensuring credible certification.

GOAL FY22: transition conventional cotton to preferred fibre cotton.



It’s important that our garments make and eave a minimal footprint, and we are dedicated to ensuring that there are no harmful chemicals utilised in our processes.

GOAL FY21: Identify chemical certifications for FY22 goals and roadmap 



Leaning into nature and consumer behaviour, it is important that we utilise packaging that respects the natural world and is easy for our customers to recycle. Please refer to our Integrity page on some of the decisions and progress we've made so far in our packaging journey. 


1. Perform packaging audit

2. Join Canopy Pack for Good commitment

3. Join prAna Responsible Packaging Movement