Gaia Ivory

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‘You, my darling, are a commanding page in the story of the Universe, every detail, each curve noted on the cosmic clock. You are made up of divine imperfections, inked in sweet whispers of who you are deep down to your core. You are powerful, heavenly and so is the body you live within.’

Gaia is Goddess of the Earth, our Earth Mother. She is firm, secure in herself as a woman of influence. Unbound by trivial behaviours, she commands the energy of those around her. Swaying. A powerful leader, inspiring self-belief and resilience. Through her, we find strength.

An ode to the celestial woman, each original print from the Vera collection has been lovingly illustrated by Sunday Lane in their Brisbane studio, then carved from lino in collaboration with Grey Hand Press. Printed on Japanese Kitakata paper, using ink and pressure, each impression is an original piece.

Unframed: Approximately A4 / 297 x 210mm on 36gsm deckled edge paper using white ink.

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